We make selling your vacant land easy!

1. Submit Your Property

Submit your property information using our online form. This gives us all the information we need to make a cash offer for your property.

2. Return Your Signed Offer

We'll review your property and contact you with any questions we have. If your property fits our investment criteria, we'll send you a free offer via email in 1-3 business days. Simply sign and return the offer and we'll get the closing process started.

3. Close & Get Paid

Once we've received your signed offer, we take care of the rest. We'll schedule a closing at a time/location that fits your schedule, typically within 3-4 weeks after receiving your signed offer. All you have to do is sign the closing documents and get paid!

Have Unpaid Taxes? No Problem!

If you don't pay taxes on your property, the county will eventually take the property from you to recover the unpaid taxes. When this happens, you get NOTHING for your property. The Land Duo will take care of any unpaid taxes when we purchase your property.

Inherit a property you don't want?

If you inherited a piece of land and don't have any use for it, you're faced with the burden of selling the property. This process can take months to complete, and many hours of your time. If you're looking for an easy way to sell your property, look no further!

Don't want to deal with the hassle of finding a Realtor and paying the commissions?

Finding a Realtor to sell vacant land can be difficult, especially if you have a smaller property (how motivated would you be to sell a vacant lot if the commission is only going to be a few hundred bucks?). The Land Duo is a a real estate investment company, so you can sell to us directly and avoid the commissions all together!

Having trouble selling your property?

Vacant land can be difficult to sell. The market for land is much smaller than the market for houses, there are fewer buyers looking for vacant land. There are also fewer properties available, so finding comparable properties can be very difficult at times. If you have a property you just can't get sold, we may be the solution!